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About Us

Life is About Producing More, But Working Less

For years, people have asked me how I manage to hold two full-time jobs, run a website, have a healthy family, stay healthy, and not have a nervous breakdown. My answer is always the same -- Automation.

I learned from a very early age, that the more you can make computers do for you, the less you have to work. Every day, there are things that you do on a regular basis -- maybe it's logging your routine at the gym, emailing a monthly report to your boss, or adjusting the thermostat every time you leave the house. Things that eat up your precious time.

The clock doesn't stop ticking, but you keep doing the same things the same way, while time passes you by.

Eliminate -- Automate -- Delegate

The process you should follow when faced with any task you need to get done is ask yourself, can you eliminate it? If not, then can you delegate it? If not, then try to automate it. It's this last part that so many people fail to do, because they don't always have the technical skills or the know-how to integrate technologies.

My entire career has been about making technology talk. In 1998 I worked for Pratt & Whitney, programming PLC controllers to automate machinery. In 2011, I worked for Corning Life Sciences, learning to write scripts and programs to pull data from manufacturing processes, and automate IT tasks.

Throughout the manufacturing industry, this process is called Lean Manufacturing, and Kaizen. Now I've decided to offer all of my skills and services in the field of task automation to my own clients.

More Task Automation = Higher Productivity

  • Automated Tasks
  • Time Saved (Hrs)

Our Team

When you reach out to us, you'll discover a friendly team, ready to work with you on improving your quality of life -- not very different from an actual life coach. Our goal is to do the hard work of making technology work for you, so that you don't have to work so hard.

Programming/Scripting - (90%)
Design - (90%)
Electrical Engineering - (80%)
Smart Home - (95%)
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Knowledge of Technologies

Ryan worked at, a popular technology blog since 2007. It's during his time at this site -- both as writer and as managing editor -- that Ryan dove into the world of impressive technologies online and offline. These are technologies that let you send data from a device in your house, to a spreadsheet on the Internet. Technologies that let you log your daily run directly to your Facebook page.

The possibilities to improve your life with these technologies are unlimited.

Web Technologies

Use services like Zapier or IFTTT to connect your cellphone with your smart home devices. Or have your employees log their activity to a spreadsheet right from their smartphones.


Whether it's writing a Google Script that pulls Google Analytics data and logs it to a spreadsheet, or VB code to scrape weather from the web and SMS it to your phone, we have the skills to pull it off.


With an electrical engineer on staff, we can advise you on the best smart home or mobile technology to automate your life.

Impress Your Boss

Put industry-tested solutions to work for you. Let our past experience in the corporate world serve you as you pursue productivity excellence at work and at home. (Your boss doesn't even have to know you hired us!)

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