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About Us

Brain Storming

We help you identify opportunities to save time -- sorta like life coaching.


We work with you (or for you) on automating specific tasks that you do manually right now.


We can help you measure increased performance or reduced costs (which your boss will love).

Data Analysis

Once we help you collect information or data, we can help you analyze that data for opportunities.

Smart Homes

We can help you integrate and use your smart home products improve your life.

Become Efficient

With the time you save working with us, you can spend more time with family or improving your health.

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Our Approach to Helping You Save Time

Whether you're an IT Manager with a Fortune 500 company looking for time-saving Kaizen ideas, or a homemaker just trying to save on bills, our systematic, holistic approach works every time.

We start off with a free interview, where you share your normal workflow and how much time each task usually takes. Next, we explore all of the tools you're already using right now and look for opportunities to automate those tools -- opportunities you may not even realize existed.

A Tailored Automation Package

By focusing on the tools you already use, you avoid the expense of buying or subscribing to new tools. The next step is a proposed solution based on your needs.

DIY Solutions

We can design an automation solution, and you can implement it yourself.

Training Services

We can teach you how to implement our customized automation solution. We walk you through every step of the process.

Full Implementation

We can design and implement the automation for you (and you don't have to do a thing).

On-Demand Support

We even offer monthly support services to help you streamline everything you do on-demand. You can call for assistance any time you like.


Zapier offers a large library of integrations with Google, Microsoft, email, and a long list of online services you probably already use. We are experts at creating "Zaps" for you.


IFTTT is a offers some of the most seamless, simple automation solutions. Best of all, it's free. We can set up IFTTT applets for you.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets (and Google Drive) offers "Google Scripts" -- where you can do amazing integrations and data analysis with email, documents, sheets and more.

Microsoft Office

With the magic of VBA, you can have Excel sheets send emails, Word import data from the web, and much more. We are VBA experts, and can help you with any VBA project.

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