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In this project, we use API keys from government websites to create the ability to "look-up" any government information with a simple SMS or Emailed query. This technique can be used to query any information from any web source that offers an API lookup key.

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  • Category: Data Automation
  • Date: 03/21/2016
  • Tags: api, zapier, government data, webhooks
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Automating Information Searches

The potential application of this approach opens up a lot of doors for your mobile internet research. Just imagine, tax preparers could easily query state-specific tax information. A team of marketers could have access to government databases filled with demographics information from the Census bureau. Any political group could research their political competition including all contributions. Or -- pull a daily NASA picture or satellite image every day to post to your Facebook page. Explorers could query the U.S. Geological Service for a satellite image of any location on Earth. The possibilities are endless.

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This project will integrate any online database that offers an API webhook, with your mobile phone, email, SMS or any other outlet where you'd like to deliver data.


This project requires and advanced skill level, including APIs and webhooks, and how to configure the Zapier integrations.


The service cost to implement this advanced data-query service is just $149.99. No extra fees. Additional or more complex data-queries may cost slightly more.


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API, Webhooks, Zapier


For an additional fee, we can actually teach you how to implement this solution yourself. This is a good solution if you plan to continue creating more of these yourself.

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