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In this project, we set up the Ooma service so you can get phone calls if your Nest smoke detectors are going off, log voicemails to Dropbox or Google Drive, and blink lights (or change Hue bulbs color) when you've received a call or a voicemail.

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  • Category: Home Automation
  • Date: 05/03/2017
  • Tags: ooma, google drive, dropbox
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Ooma Smart Home Integrations

If you own Ooma phone service, you may not realize you actually own a Smart Home device. The Ooma service now offers all sorts of very innovative automations that let you do things like: (1) Let your Nest enable call forwarding to your cellphone whenever you're not home. (2) Save all voicemail recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive (2) Make calls with Amazon Echo, (3) Blink or change lights when you have a call or a voicemail, (4) Log the transcript of incoming calls to a Google Spreadsheet (5) Much more...

Scroll down to the contact form in the footer below and let us know you'd like us to implement this solution for you.


This project will integrate your Ooma device with an assortment of cloud based services or your mobile device. The solution can be tailored to your needs.


This project requires a moderate skill level, mostly in knowing IFTTT integrations for Ooma. You can implement this automation by having us do it for you.


The service cost to implement 2 to 3 Ooma integrations for you is just $19.99. No extra fees. Additional or more complex Ooma integrations may cost slightly more.


Scroll down and fill out the contact form in the footer of this page and request this project. We will email you back with payment information and we'll get started on your project right away!




For an additional fee, we can actually teach you how to implement this solution yourself. This is a good solution if you plan to continue creating more of these yourself.

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