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In this project, we set up an automated daily email that provides you with the 10 upcoming events in your Google calendar. This is a great morning automation so you can get an overview of the entire day.

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  • Category: Office Automation
  • Date: 10/06/2015
  • Tags: google scripts, google calendar, google mail
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Automated Calendar to Email Summary

One of the most effective ways to become very productive is to sit down first thing in the morning and review all of the upcoming events you have for the day. Back years ago, managers used to have a secretary who would give him a summary of the upcoming appointments for the day. These days, you have a computer to do that for you. This Google Script can extract upcoming events from your Google Calendar and provide you with a nice morning report of everything you have coming up for the day. It's like having a secretary you don't have to pay a salary to.

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This project will integrate your Google Calendar with your email.


This project requires and advanced skill level, including Google Scripting.


The service cost to implement this advanced data-query service is just $49.99. No extra fees. Additional or more complex data-queries may cost slightly more.

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