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By adding a (fairly) simple Google Script into your Google Sheet, you can automatically send emails from within that sheet, either manually or automatically.

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  • Category: Spreadsheet Automation
  • Date: 07/07/2017
  • Tags: google scripts, google sheets, sending emails
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Automating Spreadsheet Emails

The potential application of this approach opens up a lot of doors for your own email and spreadsheet automation. You could create a spreadsheet that contains all of your employee names, along with their monthly statistics. Not only can you update the sheet automatically every month, but you can trigger an email to go out to every employee, without lifting a finger. Of course this is also a very effective solution to automatically email reports to your manager, or even just emailing all of your automatic spreadsheet calculations to yourself. There are many applications for this solution.

Scroll down to the contact form in the footer below and let us know that you'd like us to implement this solution for you.


This project will integrate your Google Sheet with your SMTP email account. You will need SMTP account details (we can help with this).


This project requires a moderate skill level, mostly in knowing Google Scripts. However you can still implement this automation by having us do it for you.


The service cost to implement automated emails on a single Google Sheet is just $29.99. No extra fees. Additional or more complex sheets may cost slightly more.


Scroll down and fill out the contact form in the footer of this page and request this project. We will email you back with payment information and we'll get started on your project right away!


Google Scripting, Google Spreadsheets, SMTP


For an additional fee, we can actually teach you how to implement this solution yourself. This is a good solution if you plan to continue creating more of these yourself.

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