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In this project, we use the current weather report for your area from the Internet to (1) turn on lights when it's raining outside, (2) Automatically turn on the AC only during the hottest time of day (saving energy) (3) SMS Yourself an umbrella reminder before work, (4) Adjust your Nest thermostat according to the outside temperature.

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  • Date: 07/21/2016
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Weather Based Home Automations

The fact that you can use automated weather input from the Cloud opens up a whole world of opportunities for automating your life and saving money. Why keep your AC unit running all day when you can turn it off automatically when it isn't hot outside? Whey keep your Nest thermostat cranked high all day when a crisp fall day gets unnaturally warm? You can adjust your AC and Net thermostat dynamically using the weather status from the Internet. You can also do things like adjust lights, SMS yourself reminders and much more. We can show you how.

Scroll down to the contact form in the footer below and let us know that you'd like us to implement this solution for you.


This project will integrate Cloud-based weather with a variety of smart home devices like your Nest thermostat, your AC unit (using a smart plug if needed), and even your mobile device for alerts, emails and more.


This project requires an advanced skill level, mostly in knowing how to pull in weather data from the cloud, and which devices to integrate. However you can implement this automation by having us do it for you.


The service cost to implement weather based control of your Nest or an AC unit using Internet weather is only $29.99. No extra fees. Additional or more complex weather integrations could cost slightly more.


Scroll down and fill out the contact form in the footer of this page and request this project. We will email you back with payment information and we'll get started on your project right away!


IFTTT, Nest Thermostat, Smart Plugs


For an additional fee, we can actually teach you how to implement this solution yourself. This is a good solution if you plan to continue creating more of these yourself.

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